Case Studies

Client Solutions Successfully Delivered

Tool Testing Trials

Hiretech has recently completed another successful yard trial for a valued client, testing their tooling suite at various flows and pressures using our specialist supporting equipment and positive displacement pumps.

Our yard facility, rental equipment packages and experienced staff are available to support a wide range of research and development trial requirements.  Please contact us for more information.

IWOCS Subsea Reels and Overboard Chutes

Hiretech recently completed two Zone 1 Atex / DNV 2.7-1 certified IWOCS subsea reels and overboard chutes.

The equipment was designed, manufactured and delivered to our client within 8 weeks of order.

Destructive Pressure Test

The team at Hiretech Limited has recently completed an interesting project at its purpose built facility at Fintray by Dyce.

Working with an OEM, we undertook a destructive pressure test on a large diameter high pressure hose for the Certifying Authority.

The Hiretech Zone 1 electric annulus top up pump was ideal, with a fully controllable range of 0 – 30 lpm at up to 500 bar with the 20mm plungers.

The test was successfully completed.

Tool Testing Trial Complete

Another successful tool testing trial completed at our facility for our client, Deep Casing Tools.  

Hiretech set up a test loop including a blender, charge pump and triplex well service pumps to mix and circulate drilling mud through the downhole tool.

Our designated testing facility allows clients to carry out testing with Hiretech equipment and personnel support available as required.

Hiretech Onsite Test Facility Supports Client Grout Job

Hiretech has just successfully complete its first grout job for a valued client.

The project involved preparing test pieces for a decommissioning trial.  Two conductors were installed into a test fixture and then grouted internally in preparation for a customer grout removal trial.

The client returned in following weeks to conduct their trial on site at Hiretech with support from Hiretech equipment and resources as required.

Hiretech has a test facility on site available for client hire, with equipment and personnel available to support a wide range of testing and trial projects.  For more information please contact us.

2" Black Eagle Hose Supports Subsea Wellhead To Surface Workscope

Hiretech purchased 100m of 2” Black Eagle Hose and a 20m Jumper Hose for an urgent mobilisation to connect a subsea wellhead to surface.  The Black Eagle Hose was fitted to a Hiretech 2” Air Powered Deployment Reel for ease of installation and recovery of the hose.  The hose was ordered, received, pressure tested, spooled and mobilised within 2 days of receipt of order.

Zone 2 V16 x SPM2250 Pumping Units Modified For Overseas Project

Hiretech modified two Zone 2 V16 x SPM2250 pumping units to allow remote operation to meet a valued client’s project requirements.  Charge Pumps and Control Panels were designed and built in a short time period to meet the mobilisation deadline.  The units are now on long term rental overseas and are successfully fulfilling the project demands.

New Caterpillar C18 Pigging Pumps On First Mobilisation

We recently mobilised our new Caterpillar C18 Pigging Pumps offshore on a vessel complete with a lift pump spread to successfully propel an inspection tool through a pipeline.  The Caterpillar Pumps were selected because of the high flow output achievable at the required pigging pressure.

Electrically Heated Chemical Tank Rentals Support Offshore Projects

Hiretech mobilised 4m³ Zone 1 Electrically Heated Chemical Tanks for two different offshore projects.  The first project required the heating of chemical prior to a hot scale squeeze.  The second project required the heating of chemical prior to the chemical cleaning of process pipework.  Both projects were completed successfully.

Supporting Equipment Assists Offshore Chemical Cleaning Operations

Hiretech recently manufactured, MPI and tested over 70 off 4” fig 206 T’s, Y’s, crossovers and connectors to support an offshore chemical cleaning operation at less than 7 days notice.  We also supplied 200m of 3” x 70 bar chemical hose on a powered hose reel and a 40 bar diesel driven circulating pump.

Well Service Pump Supports Subsea Excavation Workscope in Moray Firth

A Hiretech Well Service Pump was mobilised offshore to assist our client with a subsea excavation workscope in the Moray Firth.  The pump was selected due to the high flows and pressures available, which are required for excavating on this renewable energy project.

Zone 2 Firewater Pump Supports Rig Cooling Project

We recently provided a Zone 2 Firewater Pump and experienced technicians to assist RigDeluge with one of their rig cooling projects.  The spread was required to provide a cooling blanket between the flare and the rig during well test operations.

Solids Recovery System Supports Subsea Flowline Unblocking

The Hiretech Solids Recovery System was recently mobilised offshore to assist our client in the unblocking of a subsea flowline.  Our client used their jetting technology to successfully unblock the flowline.  Our Solids Recovery System and experienced technicians were required to de-gas the returns prior to removing the solids using the shaker before settling out the fluids returns.

Supporting Decommissioning Projects

Hiretech has been supporting a number of client decommissioning work scopes throughout the summer period. Our mechanic Gordon Troup has been supporting Hiretech rental equipment to undertake various projects including dredging, cutting and equipment recovery operations.

Offshore Xylene Pumping Support

Two Hiretech triplex pumps were recently modified to complete an offshore xylene pumping operation.  The pumps were stripped down and examined for suitability and a number of components were remanufactured from materials compatible with the xylene fluid.  Comprehensive operating instructions were also prepared to ensure the successful and safe completion of the project.

P&A Project Support

Hiretech has recently assisted a client to successfully complete a Plugging & Abandonment (P&A) project in the UKCS, having assisted with a similar project in Norway earlier in the year.  Hiretech powered reels were modified to support the client downhole cutting package and a range of onshore services were also provided to support the spooling and pre-mobilisation testing activities.

Hiretech Supports Well Service Pumping In North Africa

Jim McGregor, Project Manager at Hiretech, has recently been overseas in North Africa completing well injectivity tests and client training on a Hiretech Zone 2 well service pumping package. The training was provided to further support the rental package which was mobilised earlier this year.

Mud Pumping Trial / Tool Test

Hiretech Limited recently undertook a pumping trial / tool test for an established oil and gas service company. As part of the workscope, oil based mud was pumped through a downhole tool at 10 bbls/min, the mud was then weighted up in our blender and the test was repeated.

Hiretech can offer this service at its fully equipped facility by Dyce.  If required, higher flow rates can be achieved by using our 600 psi centrifugal pumps (28 – 45 bbls/min) if water is used as the medium.

Prototype Tool Testing Support

Hiretech recently supported a client’s prototype tool testing operation through the provision of pumping capabilities.  A Hiretech self priming lifting pump was used to lift seawater out of the sea on to the harbour pier, a lift of 7 metres at low tide.  The water pressure was then boosted using a second pump prior to powering the client’s prototype tool. Hiretech supplied all the pumps, hoses and fittings for the job and coordinated installation and training.  The job was successfully completed.

Prototype Tool Testing Support
72 Hour Turnaround for Major Project Specific Hire Equipment Modifications

Client required to deploy 350ft of 2” Black Eagle hose in a Zone 2 drill floor area for a wellhead workover. Footprint area and head room were both restricted and the requirement was urgent.

Hiretech rolled a new drum core and fitted it to an existing Zone 2 reel to accommodate the deployment specifications of the Black Eagle hose. The equipment was turned around in 3 days.

The mobilisation was completed in 72 hours allowing the client to meet their time critical schedule.

Annulus Reeler
Rapid Response Temporary Deluge Cover

Client required temporary deluge cover for an unprotected area of offloading jetty during a planned hot work operation.

Hiretech completed a site survey and supplied a complete self priming pump, hose and deluge system to allow the work scope to proceed. The system was fully function tested at Hiretech prior to mobilisation to site.

The deluge system was set up on the jetty and successfully function tested. A non- return valve and strainer were fitted to the suction side of the self-priming pump to minimise the time taken to energise the deluge system to less than 5 seconds from pump switch on.

Deluge System Test
International Well Service Pump Rental

Client required a Zone 2 Well Service pump for a 4 month hire in North Africa.

Hiretech prepared a Zone 2 HD500 pump with 4.5” plungers for an extended hire, with sufficient spares package for the hire duration.

The initial project was completed successfully and the hire period was extended due to the customer securing additional work scopes.

Well P&A Support

Client required to hire 2 off Zone 1 electric hydraulic power units (HPUs) to support a well P&A work scope.

Two Hiretech Zone 1 electric HPUs were set up to the required flows and pressures during the premobilisation checks and the third party certification checks were completed.

The Zone 1 HPUs successfully completed the client work scope.

Zone I HPU
Offshore Pipeline Commissioning Support

Client required to hire two 40 bar pigging pumps to support an offshore pipeline commissioning work scope.

Two diesel driven RKB 40 bar multi stage pigging pumps were premobilisation tested and customer third party inspection released prior to mobilisation

The pumps were successfully mobilised on to the client work scope.

RKB Pump
HPUs Support Offshore Coil Tubing Project

Client required to hire two off Zone 2 hydraulic power packs to support an offshore coil tubing work scope.

Hiretech set up the units to the required flows and pressures during the premobilisation checks and completed the customer third party inspection release.

The Zone 2 hydraulic power packs were mobilised quickly to support the client’s project, which was carried out successfully.

Supply Twin 5,000 psi Downlines and Reel to Power Submersible Lift Pump

Client needed to deploy hoses to test subsea equipment for an extended period.

Hiretech fitted 2 runs of 200m x 2” x 5000 psi hose to a Hiretech powered umbilical reel and pressure tested the completed assembly. The reel and hose assembly was then tested on shore at the full operating flows and pressures prior to offshore mobilisation. An overboard chute was also mobilised to safely deploy the hose assemblies overboard.

The method applied by Hiretech proved to be a successful and cost effective solution to alternative proposals.

2 Off Hose Lines During Spooling
Completed Spooling
Modification of Reels to Deploy 3” Black Eagle Hoses

Client was required to deploy 2 off 3” Black Eagle hoses for an offshore subsea well service pumping work scope.

Hiretech modified two umbilical reels to meet the deployment specifications of the 3” Black Eagle hose. A pair of suitable roller overboard chutes were designed and manufactured. Hiretech spooled the 3” Black Eagle hose on to the reels prior to the project and then spooled the hoses back on to their storage reels after the project.

The 3” Black Eagle hoses were successfully and cost effectively deployed and recovered during two separate offshore pumping operations.

2 Black Eagle Hoses on 2 Reels (Before)
2 Black Eagle Hoses on 2 Reels (After)
Damaged Umbilical Repairs

Client had a damaged 300m umbilical and wanted to change out one of the electrical cores.

Hiretech spooled the umbilical out across a field, pulled out the damaged line and pulled through a replacement line.

The damaged line was successfully replaced in less than 4 hours.

Umbilical Spooling
Inspection, Refurbishment, Maintenance and Testing

A client’s umbilical reel was required for an offshore project and required inspection, refurbishment, maintenance and testing.

Hiretech inspected the umbilical reel and put together maintenance, refurbishment and testing options for the client to consider. The client selected the options best suited to their work scope, which involved the client’s 2” Black Eagle hose being visually inspected, externally and internally, in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations, prior to pressure test and spooling on to client’s own reel.

Hiretech completed the refurbishment, spooling and testing within the agreed timescale and budget, meeting the client’s specifications.

Reel (Before)
Reel (After)
Jack Up Rig Excavation

A drilling rig was unable to demobilise from its completed drilling location due to the spud cans becoming stuck in the clay seabed. Attempts to free the rig using a third party subsea pumping spread proved unsuccessful.

Hiretech used modelling software to determine the flows and pressures required to break up the cohesive soils. This highlighted why initial third party attempts were unsuccessful and what needed to be done to successfully complete the work scope. Hiretech then completed a concept design for a jetting head to be fixed to a tracked subsea vehicle, and completed a yard trial of the concept. A video of the trial was then sent to the client and instructions to mobilise were issued.

A high pressure high flow jetting spread and offshore personnel were mobilised to the rig and the three spud cans were successfully jetted free allowing the drilling rig legs to be recovered and the unit to move off location. The operation was completed safely and efficiently.

High Pressure High Flow Jetting Spread
Offshore Renewable Energy Cable Trenching

A Mass Flow Excavation contractor encountered more cohesive soils than anticipated during an offshore renewable energy cable trenching operation.

Hiretech mobilised a fully a self-contained water jetting spread on to the client vessel to overcome the cohesive soils. Self-priming lift pumps, high pressure/high flow centrifugal pumps, a powered umbilical reel and suction and delivery hoses were supplied to complete the trenching on a 24/7 pumping schedule for 45 days duration.

The cable was successfully and cost effectively trenched.

Water Jetting Spread