Case Studies

Jack Up Rig Excavation

High Pressure High Flow Jetting Spread

A drilling rig was unable to demobilise from its completed drilling location due to the spud cans becoming stuck in the clay seabed. Attempts to free the rig using a third party subsea pumping spread proved unsuccessful.

Hiretech used modelling software to determine the flows and pressures required to break up the cohesive soils. This highlighted why initial third party attempts were unsuccessful and what needed to be done to successfully complete the work scope. Hiretech then completed a concept design for a jetting head to be fixed to a tracked subsea vehicle, and completed a yard trial of the concept. A video of the trial was then sent to the client and instructions to mobilise were issued.

A high pressure high flow jetting spread and offshore personnel were mobilised to the rig and the three spud cans were successfully jetted free allowing the drilling rig legs to be recovered and the unit to move off location. The operation was completed safely and efficiently.

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