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Equipment Investment Reaping Rewards


Recent investment is reaping rewards for equipment rental business Hiretech Limited.

The firm has increased its rental fleet over the last year, investing a seven-figure sum in new build equipment to support client decommissioning and renewables projects.

Subsea shears and hydraulic grabs were introduced as part of the new product offerings, complemented recently by the build of additional pumps, hydraulic power packs and umbilical reels to further increase availability of existing product lines.

The shears, which offer 950t and 1700t shear force respectively, were specifically chosen and developed to provide safe, reliable, high performance cutting solutions on a variety of materials. They are designed for water depths of up to 10,000ft and can be powered and controlled from the surface, or from an ROV with hot stab and intensifier.

Trials carried out earlier this year with the 5t subsea shears verified the required flows and pressures and confirmed the cut times on 130mm, 203mm and 213mm diameter 3-core submarine export cables and 9 5/8” casings. The shears performed to expectation, delivering fast and efficient cuts to all three cables, utilising only 50-60% of the available hydraulic power.

The shears have since successfully undertaken work in the North Sea, most recently completing a work scope where they performed in excess of 400 scrap cuts to a variety of tubulars with diameters ranging from 5” through to 13”, all X65 material. Along with a dedicated pipe grab, the shears were also used to grip and recover a number of cut sections to subsea baskets prior to final recovery to deck.

Hiretech’s 10t hydraulic subsea pipe grabs have also completed back-to-back projects over the summer recovering a variety of materials, including pipe with diameters ranging from 5” through to 30” with and without concrete weight coating, in projects also located in the North Sea. The grabs have also been used for the recovery of mixed debris including grout bags.

Duncan Duthie, Subsea and Decommissioning Business Development Manager at Hiretech, commented, “Hiretech continues to strive to meet evolving industry and client requirements through the introduction of sought after and specially developed rental products. We have received positive feedback from our clients relating to the performance, reliability and comprehensive documentation packages provided following the recent rentals. This is testament to the company’s investment and the efforts of our skilled team in maintaining and operating the equipment, as we work to support current and future projects across various industry sectors, including decommissioning.”

Hiretech also offers a range of well service and pipeline pumps, nitrogen pumps, powered umbilical reels, HPUs, overboard chutes, air compressors and trained personnel to provide fully integrated rental solutions.

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