Centrifugal Pumps

Electric, Hydraulic and Diesel Pumps for Rental and Sale

Hiretech has developed and built a rental fleet of quality electric, hydraulic and diesel driven centrifugal pumps, covering various applications from 100 hp – 1000 hp. Our skilled personnel have over 30 years’ experience building pumping units and use that knowledge to ensure our technologies are safe, simple, robust and compliant. Whether it is a petrochemical Hazardous Area or Safe Area application, or a marine or civil engineering project, Hiretech has a range of pumping equipment to choose from and can tailor solutions for your project requirements. With DNV 2.7-1, ATEX and CE Marking certifications, safety and reliability is guaranteed.

Listed below is a selection of the Centrifugal Pumps we offer for sale and rental. For details and specifications of our full range please contact us.

  • Self Priming Lift Pumps
  • Multi Stage Pumps
  • Single Stage Pumps
  • Cooling Water & Fire Pumps
  • Electrical & Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

The Hiretech Rigsafe Self Prime LP230 ‘Whisper’ Lift Pump is a fuel efficient diesel driven pump. Incorporated within DNV 2.7-1 frames, the pumps are enhanced with spark arrestors, over-speed protection and silencing technology. We have specified mechanical fuel pumps for simplicity to aid operations and maintenance in global and offshore locations, and use 8” class 150 ANSI flanges to allow easy tie in to existing client systems.

The lift pump package has been developed in cooperation with our clients, who require a self priming package which offers greater safety, performance and reliability over units previously available in the marketplace.

Hiretech also offers a range of suction hoses, foot valves, suction strainers, 45 degree bends and 90 degree bends and discharge hoses to suit all lift pump applications, to ensure our clients benefit from a full pumping package to suit their project requirements.

Hiretech offers a range of 5 stage and 10 stage diesel driven centrifugal pumps, delivering a range of flows and pressures up to 40 bar. The pumps are housed in containerised units certified to DNV 2.7-1 and incorporate spark arrestors and over-speed protection. Engines are either 600 hp Caterpillar with air operated control systems, or 600 hp Volvo with electronic management systems. Additional features such as remote stop/start, over-pressurisation shut downs and site emergency shut downs can be fitted as required. Clutches are available on most units for better control during pigging runs. Standardised ANSI flanges and Fig 206 adapters allow for easy tie in to clients’ facilities.

All units are regularly run up for extended periods at our test facility to ensure that the safety, performance and reliability can be assured during your hire period.

Hiretech offers Zone 1 and Zone 2 single stage centrifugal pumps delivering a range of flows and pressures up to 15 bar, which are typically used for pumping water, mud, brine and chemicals. The pumps incorporate both a mechanical and soft gland packing seal arrangement for enhanced reliability and minimum leakage. All units are containerised in DNV 2.7-1 certified housings and are CE Marked to the latest safety standards. Flanges are standardised to ANSI and Fig 206 specifications, although other tie in connections can be provided as required.

Hiretech also offers a range of suction and discharge hoses compatible with the fluids to be pumped.

Hiretech offers a range of Zone 2 and Safe Area diesel driven pumps, delivering a range of flows and pressures up to 780 m3/min at 15 bar. Complete pumping systems to include self priming water winning pumps and electrical submersibles to feed the cooling or fire pumps are available, including all suction and delivery hoses and strainers required for our clients’ projects. Systems can be automated to tie in with site fire and gas systems.

We can supply personnel to set up and operate equipment spreads, and can also offer onsite familiarisation and project specific training to client personnel where required.  This ensures the safety, efficiency and optimum operation of our equipment during your hire period.

Hiretech can also offer temporary deluge systems to provide safety cover for hot work activities that need to be performed in worksite areas that are not covered by fixed installation systems.

Hiretech offers a range of electrical and hydraulic submersible pumps used to support topside fire water, cooling water and water winning applications. Pumps can be assembled and over-boarded on a hang off frame to minimise crane utilisation, or can be deployed down existing caissons as required. Starter panels can be supplied in Safe Area or Hazardous Area specification, and generators and hydraulic power packs can be supplied where platform power is at a premium. Packages come complete with all the hoses, strainers, cables and deployment ancillaries required for full project scope.