Air Compressors, Overboard Chutes & Other Equipment

Supplementary Equipment for Rental and Sale

Hiretech offers a range of supplementary equipment including air compressors and overboard chutes to support our client project applications.

  • Air Compressors
  • Overboard Chutes
  • Other Equipment

Hiretech offers a fleet of 400 cfm Safe Area diesel driven air compressors to provide a sufficient air supply to operate any of our products. The air compressors are certified to DNV 2.7-1 and incorporate spark arrestors and over-speed protection.

Typical applications include operation of umbilical reels, pump sets, winches and plant air.

Hiretech offers a range of overboard chutes to suit various hose dimensions and minimum bend radius, fitted with rollers or rolled plate as applicable. The units are suitable for welding to the deck of a vessel, or can be suspended from lift slings.

Hiretech also has within its product fleet a 200KVA diesel driven generator suitable for supporting a range of applications. We also welcome the opportunity to quote for the design and build of any other equipment applications or customers may have, whether for rental or sale.