Hoses, Umbilicals, Crossovers and Filters

Supporting Equipment for Rental and Sale

Hiretech offers a range of equipment to support umbilical reeling and pumping operations. This supplementary equipment ensures our clients are furnished with a complete package to meet their project requirements.


  • Hoses
  • Umbilicals
  • Crossovers
  • Filters

Hiretech offers a range of hard wall, suction and high pressure discharge hoses ranging from 8” – ¼” and pressures up to 1000 bar.

Typical applications include 8” suction hose, 4” 40 bar discharge hose, chemical transfer hoses, multicore umbilicals, high pressure jetting hoses and hydraulic power pack umbilicals and air hoses. Hoses can be supplied lose, or spooled on to a powered umbilical reel as supplied.  We can also test hose assembles on or off reel prior to mobilisation.

8” hard wall hoses come in 3m lengths with #150 flanges

4” x 40 bar hoses come in 3m, 10m and 100m lengths, for top side and subsea applications.

High pressure testing and hydraulic hoses typically come in 40m lengths with shorter jumper lengths and typically range from 2” to 1/8” diameter.

We also have 100m length of 2″ Black Eagle hose available.

Hiretech can assemble multicore umbilicals to suit client requirements. These umbilicals can be supplied, assembled and pressure tested on a suitable powered umbilical reel ready for client mobilisation. Applications include hydraulic supply, return and case drain, pipeline flooding and testing and  IWOCS applications

Hiretech offers a range of crossovers to allow all equipment to tie in to any existing client systems. Crossovers range from 12” to 2” and specifications including #150, #300, Fig 100, Fig 206 and Fig 1502.  We can make up project specific crossovers as required.

Hiretech offers suction strainers and a range of 2”, 4” and 8” duplex strainers suitable for filtration up to 50 micron. Duplex D Type Strainers are used for pipelines operating continuously, where a single strainer cannot be used as the flow would have to be interrupted to clean the element. Twin filtration chambers each rated for 100% capacity and two disc changeover valves operated by interconnected screwed shafts for simultaneous operation ensure that a filtration chamber is always in operation.