Positive Displacement Pumps

Air, Hydraulic and Diesel Pumps for Rental and Sale

Hiretech has developed and built a range of air, hydraulic and diesel driven positive displacement pumps, covering various applications up to 1000 hp. Our skilled personnel have over 30 years’ experience building pumping units and use that knowledge to ensure our technologies are safe, simple, robust and compliant. Typical models available for rental and sale include the HT400, HD500, Hammelmann, Hughes and Aqua.  Skilled operators are also available and training can be given to client’s personnel to maximise efficiency and ensure safety.

Listed below is a selection of the Positive Displacement Pumps we offer for sale and rental. For details and specifications of our full range please contact us.

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  • Triplex Pumps
  • Air Diaphragm Pumps

Hiretech offers diesel driven Safe Area and ATEX Zone 2 certified high pressure positive displacement triplex pumps suitable for flows and pressures ranging from 50 lpm – 1500 lpm and pressures up to 1000 bar. Pumps are packaged in to standard 10 x 8, 12 x 8 and 20 x 8, DNV 2.7-1 certified containers for easy transportation and shipping. Plunger sizes range from 26 mm to 4.5”.

Suction and discharge hoses, iron, feed pumps, umbilical reels and accessories can also be supplied.

Typical applications for our pumps include high pressure water jetting, pressure testing, well servicing, decommissioning and chemical pumping.

  • Safe Area 380 kW Hammelmann Triplex 204 lpm at 1000 bar
  • Zone 2 180 kW HD500 Triplex 5 Speed Allison Transmission 1500 lpm or 590 bar
  • Zone 2 670 kW SPM 900 Triplex 5 Speed Allison Transmission
  • Zone 2 820 kW SPM 2250 Triplex 5 Speed Allison Transmission
  • Zone 2 110 kW Triplex 60 lpm at 1000 bar
  • Zone 2 110 kW Triplex 100 lpm at 630 bar
  • Zone 2 110 kW Triplex 270 lpm at 230 bar

Hiretech Zone II Detroit V16 with SPM 2250 Pump and Remote Panel

Hiretech Lightweight Zone 2 Well Service Pump

Hiretech High Horse Power High Pressure Jetting Unit

Hiretech offers ATEX Zone 1 certified high pressure air diaphragm pumps suitable for various flows and pressures up to 16 bar. All units are frame mounted with air conditioning units and can be supplied with all suction and discharge hoses, filters and pipework required to tie in to client processes. Product compatibility checks are undertaken to ensure that the correct internals are supplied to handle aggressive products.