Powered Umbilical Reels

1″, 2″ 4″ and Type 5 Reels for Rental and Sale

Hiretech offers a range of air and hydraulically powered umbilical reels and spoolers suitable for all types of hose and umbilical deployments. Best in class, all our powered reels are certified to DNV 2.7-1 and are designed to deploy, brake and recover their maximum payloads.

We can now also offer Powered Umbilical Reels certified to NORSOK Z-015 Rev 04.

For details and specifications of our full range of Umbilical Reels please contact us.

Hiretech Powered Umbilical Reels can be modified to meet project specific requirements, for example to include multicore rotary couplings and electric slip rings, and meet the required radius specifications. Remote control and spooling gear functions allow clients to reduce the number of required personnel and reduce personnel proximity to live products during spooling operations.

Hiretech completes all calculations necessary to ensure that the correct equipment is supplied to accommodate client hoses and umbilicals. Our extensive experience in hose and umbilical deployments ensure that we ask the questions needed to guarantee project success every time.

Hiretech can complete the assembly, test and spooling of clients’ hoses during the mobilisation and demobilisation phases of a project.

Our skilled personnel have over 30 years’ experience building powered reels and use that knowledge to ensure our technologies are safe, simple, robust and compliant. Every component used in the manufacture of our powered reels has been carefully selected. Our collective experience has allowed us to assess and design the equipment to remove reliability and safety risks.

Our models include the 1” Reel, 2” Reel, 4” Reel and Type 5 Reels, which can deploy hoses from 1⁄4” up to 1800m of 4” diameter umbilical. We have an extensive stock of hoses and umbilicals ranging from 1⁄2” to 4”, available for rental with our powered reels.

We can now also offer Powered Umbilical Reels certified to NORSOK Z-015 Rev 04.

Hiretech has a number of reels located in Singapore available for rental in South East Asia and surrounding geographies.