Solids Recovery System

Active Tank, Sand Tank, Mix Tank, Centrifugal Mix Pump, Degasser & VSM300 Shaker

Hiretech offers a Solids Recovery System for rental. The system, also often referred to as a solids control unit, solids control system or drilling mud unit, is suitable for use in Zone 1 Hazardous Areas.

The Solids Recovery System can be used for applications where there is a requirement to separate solids from liquids from gas. Typical applications include drilling mud conditioning, well intervention returns and pipeline and process cleaning operations.

The Hiretech Solids Recovery System comprises of the following components:

  • 80 Barrel Active Tank complete with Agitator
  • 30 Barrel Sand Tank
  • 40 Barrel Mix Tank complete with Agitator
  • Centrifugal Mix Pump
  • Degasser
  • Shaker – NOV VSM300

Fluids enter a degasser where gas is vented from the chimney assembly. Liquids and solids pass through a U tube and on to an NOV VSM300 shaker. Solids are sieved on to a cuttings chute / skip destination and fluids pass in to the 30 bbl sand tank c/w agitator. A weir leads to an 80 bbl active tank c/w agitator. An additional 40 bbl mix tank c/w agitator completes the 3 tank set up.  An electrically driven centrifugal pump can be configured to move liquids around the skid or to charge a separate injection pump etc.

The unit is certified to DNV 2.7-1 and Atex Zone 1.

Hiretech can supply offshore personnel to assemble and operate the Solids Recovery System, and can complete the package with a range of high horsepower, high pressure pumping units and associated equipment as required.  Please contact us for further details and availability.