Cooling Water & Fire Pumps

Cooling Water and Fire Pump HTP21

Hiretech offers a range of Zone 2 and Safe Area diesel driven pumps, delivering a range of flows and pressures up to 780 m3/min at 15 bar.

Complete pumping systems to include self priming water winning pumps and electrical submersibles to feed the cooling or fire pumps are available, including all suction and delivery hoses and strainers required for our clients’ projects.

Systems can be automated to tie in with site fire and gas systems.

We can supply personnel to set up and operate equipment spreads, and can also offer onsite familiarisation and project specific training to client personnel where required.

Hiretech can also offer temporary deluge systems to provide safety cover for hot work activities that need to be performed in worksite areas that are not covered by fixed installation systems.

Zone 2 Diesel Driven Centrifugal Fire Pump

Zone 2 Diesel Driven Centrifugal Fire Pump HTP16


Engine TypeZone 2 Volvo TAMD 74A  
Pump TypeHSP FiFi Single Stage Type 200-500  
Length x Width x Height3550 x 2438 x 2800 mm  
Max Flow10 m3/min  
Max Pressure12 bar  
Max Gross Certified Weight14,100 kg  
CertificationDNV 2.7-1, ATEX  

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