Self Priming Lift Pumps

Safe Area Self Prime LP230 Whisper Lift Pump

The Hiretech Rigsafe Self Prime LP230 ‘Whisper’ Lift Pump is a fuel efficient diesel driven pump. Incorporated within DNV 2.7-1 frames, the pumps are enhanced with spark arrestors, over-speed protection and silencing technology. We have specified mechanical fuel pumps for simplicity to aid operations and maintenance in global and offshore locations, and use 8” class 150 ANSI flanges to allow easy tie in to existing client systems.

The lift pump package has been developed in cooperation with our clients, who require a self priming package which offers greater safety, performance and reliability over units previously available in the marketplace.

Hiretech also offers a range of suction hoses, foot valves, suction strainers, 45 degree bends and 90 degree bends and discharge hoses to suit all lift pump applications, to ensure our clients benefit from a full pumping package to suit their project requirements.

Safe Area Self Prime LP230 Whisper Lift Pump

Safe Area Self Prime LP230 ‘Whisper’ Lift Pump HTP06


Engine TypePerkins 1104-44TA  
Pump TypeSingle Stage Volute Type  
Length x Width x Height3330 x 1610 x 2450 mm  
Max Flow13.2 m3/minute  
Max Pressure6.4 bar  
Gross Weight​4500 kg  
Safe Area Self Prime CD100 Hush Pack Lift Pump

Safe Area Self Prime CD100 Hush Pack Lift Pump


Engine TypePerkins  
Pump TypeCD 100 M  
Length x Width x Height1940 x 1010 x 1620 mm  
Weight1230 kg gross  
Max Flow3000 lpm  
Max Pressure4 bar  
CertificationCertified single point lift only  

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