Hiretech offers suction strainers and a range of 2”, 4” and 8” duplex strainers suitable for filtration up to 50 micron.

Duplex D Type Strainers are used for pipelines operating continuously, where a single strainer cannot be used as the flow would have to be interrupted to clean the element.

Twin filtration chambers each rated for 100% capacity and two disc changeover valves operated by interconnected screwed shafts for simultaneous operation ensure that a filtration chamber is always in operation.

4 Inch Duplex D Type Suction Strainer

4” Duplex D-Type Suction Strainer


Connections4” PN16 flanges  
Max WP16 bar at 38°C  
Length x Width x Height470 x 760 x 800 mm  
Gross Weight305 kg  
8 Inch D Type Suction Strainer HT1008

8” Duplex D-Type Suction Strainer


Inlet/Outlet8” class 150  
Length x Width x Height1040 x 1200 x 830mm  
Design Pressure10 bar at 38°C  
Gross Weight1100 kg  
500lpm Duplex Return Oil Filtration Skid

500lpm Duplex Return Oil Filtration Skid


Configuration4 off 250 lpm filters in parallel  
Length x Width x Height1730 x 1120 x 1300 mm  
Max. Pressure60 bar  
Max. Flow500 lpm  
Gross Weight300 kgs  

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