Electric Driven Hydraulic Power Pack

Electric HPU

Hiretech offer a fleet of Zone I Electrically Driven Hydraulic Power Packs fitted with air blast coolers, filtration and flow meters depending on customer requirements.

Zone 1 Electric Driven 37 43 k W HPU

Zone 1 Electric Driven 37/43 kW Hydraulic Power Pack


SpecificationII 2G EEx d IIB T4 (Zone I) IP56  
Length x Width x Height1650 x 1100 x 1880 mm  
Gross Weight2000 kg  
Max Pressure320 bar ‘Continuous’ / 350 bar ‘Peak'  
Max Flow220 lpm  
CertificationDNV 2.7-1, CE Marked ATEX 'Group II Cat 2G IIB T4'  

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