Powered Umbilical Reels

Powered Umbilical Reels

Hiretech has set the standard for powered umbilical reels, with our models becoming the generic terms of reference across the industry.

Models include the 1”, 2”, 4” Type 5 and Type 6 reels, which can deploy hoses and umbilicals from ¼” up to 2,500m of 110mm diameter. Our Type 5 reel can also be used to deploy our 6” hard wall hose.

Our reels are designed, built and certified to DNV standards and are designed to deploy, brake and recover their maximum payloads. Live fluid and electrical slip ring centres can be fitted where required.

We can also offer powered umbilical reels certified to NORSOK Z-015 Rev 4.

Hiretech has an extensive stock of hoses and hydraulic umbilicals ranging from ¼” to 6” id available for rental with our reels.

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