Solids Recovery System

Mobile Solids Control System

The Hiretech Solids Recovery System comprises of the following components:

  • 80 Barrel Active Tank complete with Agitator
  • 30 Barrel Sand Tank
  • 40 Barrel Mix Tank complete with Agitator
  • Centrifugal Mix Pump
  • Degasser
  • Shaker – NOV VSM300

Fluids enter a degasser where gas is vented from the chimney assembly. Liquids and solids pass through a U tube and on to an NOV VSM300 shaker. Solids are sieved on to a cuttings chute / skip destination and fluids pass in to the 30 bbl sand tank c/w agitator. A weir leads to an 80 bbl active tank c/w agitator. An additional 40 bbl mix tank c/w agitator completes the 3 tank set up. An electrically driven centrifugal pump can be configured to move liquids around the skid or to charge a separate injection pump etc.

The unit is certified to DNV 2.7-1 and Atex Zone 1.

Hiretech can supply offshore personnel to assemble and operate the Solids Recovery System, and can complete the package with a range of high horsepower, high pressure pumping units and associated equipment as required.

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