Hiretech Services

Skilled Engineers Providing Client Support

Working closely with our client base, we have developed a range of complementary services to assist clients with their day to day operations. These include:

  • Spooling Operations
  • Pumping Operations
  • Pressure Testing and Inspection of Hoses
  • Refurbishment, Maintenance and Testing of Client Equipment
  • Storage of Client Equipment
  • Chemical Displacement Trials
  • Hydraulic Oil Flushing
  • Personnel Hire
  • Personnel Training
  • Allison Transmissions and Gearbox Servicing, Repairs and Refurbishment
  • Pumping
  • Spooling
  • Hose Inspection
  • Testing
  • Refurbishment
  • Storage
  • Training
  • Transmission Servicing

Hiretech has extensive experience in the manufacture, servicing, operation and maintenance of a variety of oilfield pumping equipment.

Hiretech can offer a packaged solution for your pumping requirements to include all hoses, filters, break tanks, pumps and personnel.

Packages can include the following:

  • Self Priming Lift Pumps
  • Break Tanks
  • Filters
  • Multi Stage Centrifugal Pigging or Jetting Pumps
  • High Pressure Triplex Pumps
  • Powered Hose Reels c/w Downlines
  • Skilled and Experienced Personnel

Applications can include temporary fire water cover, temporary deluge cover, rig cooling, pipeline pigging and testing, pressure testing, chemical cleaning and subsea excavation.


Hiretech can perform spooling services at our facility or on location to suit client requirements.

We have a team of skilled and experienced operators available to carry out spooling requirements both onshore and offshore.

We own 5 acres of ground around our site at Cothill, allowing us to spool out complete umbilical assemblies for inspection, testing and maintenance activities.

Where umbilical design allows, we can pull out individual cores that are un-serviceable and replace them with new product.

Testing complete umbilical assemblies unspooled allows for quick and cost effective intervention should any joints require tightening or replacing.

Our experienced team can offer a full hose inspection service alongside pressure testing requirements.

We have 5 acres of space to utilise at our site, allowing us to spool out complete umbilical assemblies for inspection, testing and maintenance activities.

Where umbilical design allows, we can pull out individual cores that are un-serviceable and replace them with new product.

Located just 3 miles from Dyce, by Aberdeen, Hiretech has a 5 acre site with dedicated testing facilities including:

  • Designated test facility available for client hire
  • Pump testing facility
  • Extensive area for umbilical testing and spooling operations
  • Extensive area for pressure testing hose assemblies prior to spooling
  • Covered storage bays
  • Supporting plant equipment including forklifts to 28 tonne, compressed air supplies, 3 phase • electricity, 200 kva generator, hydraulic power packs, pumps, hoses and water tanks

Equipment spread rig ups can be completed and fully function tested at the Hiretech facility prior to mobilisation, reducing the requirement for equipment to be tested twice prior to client mobilisation.


Prototype Testing

Hiretech has readily available on site facilities, engineers and equipment to allow the testing of client prototype tooling, for example downhole tools, pipeline equipment, heat suppression rig ups and decommissioning tools.



Our team of experienced and skilled technicians allows us to offer quick and efficient inspection, repairs and refurbishment services for a large variety of diesel, hydraulic and pneumatically powered equipment.

We provide repair and refurbishment services for a wide range of equipment, including:

  • Hydraulic Power Packs
  • Diesel Driven Pumping Equipment
  • Hydraulic and Air Powered Reels

With dedicated testing facilities on site, we will ensure your equipment is fully tested and certified prior to return.

We understand your equipment is subject to harsh environmental conditions and strive to ensure all work is carried out with the aim of prolonging equipment lifespan, delivering cost effective solutions for our clients.

If your equipment requires repairs or refurbishments not listed above please contact us to discuss your needs.


Located just 3 miles from Dyce, Aberdeen on a five acre site, Hiretech offers the ideal location for large scale equipment storage solutions.

The site offers good road access from Aberdeen, Inverurie and surrounding areas.  We have up to 16 tonne fork lift capabilities on site for ease of loading and unloading.

Yard storage and secure indoor storage available at competitive rates for short or long term periods, for a variety of equipment, including:

  • 20 ft and 40 ft storage containers
  • Storage reels
  • Oilfield equipment

Hiretech has developed training courses for clients to ensure their personnel are qualified and competent to operate or oversee the operation of equipment on rental from Hiretech.

Training is available on:

  • Centrifugal pumping operations
  • Positive displacement pumping operations
  • Air powered reel operations
  • Zone 2 diesel engines operations and maintenance
  • Hydraulic power pack operations and maintenance

Training courses can be tailored for project specific applications to maximise the cross-utilisation of client personnel and can be delivered at our base, at our client’s location or on site as required.

Hiretech Limited offers a dedicated Transmission and Gearbox Division.

Transmissions Manager Ron Finnie has over 35 years’ experience of Allison Transmission and gearbox refurbishment servicing.

In addition to offering transmission refurbishment and testing, Hiretech technicians can also remove and replace faulty transmissions from customer units on and offshore.

To support ongoing client operations, Hiretech can offer temporary pumping solutions to minimise any downtime during the replacement process, whilst ensuring quick and efficient turnaround of repairs.


Allison Transmissions

  • Transmission repair
  • Transmission rebuilds
  • Transmission replacement
  • Allison Transmissions in stock for sale or exchange

In Field Diagnostics

Test Bed Facility

Hiretech can also offer an independent yard and workshop facility for clients on a short term basis to conduct flow loop and pumping trials.

The facility can also be used as a temporary base to assemble, test and inspect equipment during an offshore mobilisation, for companies that do not have a facility in the Aberdeen area. If required, Hiretech can also offer guidance and assistance during the third party inspection process prior to mobilising equipment offshore.

Whatever your requirement, Hiretech can offer impartial guidance, advice and assistance