Integrity At Work – It’s Our Ethos

‘… just wanted to say Hiretech’s service has been excellent and from the pictures and feedback the reels have come together well and look great.’

Subsea Company

“…mightily impressed with Hiretech. Not just with the guys that were doing the test but their ability to just get the job done helped us greatly achieve what we wanted to achieve. They appreciated that test procedures can become a little fluid as we go through it but were always ‘happy’ to get things done safely. Great stuff.  Also the comings and goings…the place was a hive of activity.  …and to top it off we got biscuits with our tea 😊”

Completion Services Company

“…we want to express our thanks to Hiretech, especially Andy, for your attitude and responsiveness at such a late time of day when we were in need of an alternative chute to mobilise with a vessel that was leaving through the night…his willingness to drive back to the office to assist mobilising the larger chute is greatly appreciated and ultimately assisted the success of the scope as without it deployment of the hose would have been much more difficult.  The scope is now complete and the vessel is due back… Thanks for your help once again.”

Well Intervention Company

“…a great big thanks to the team up at Hiretech, who have supported us with excellent service, very prompt response, and allowed us in turn to support our client during a catastrophic time.”

Rental Company

“Thanks for your help with turning round the reel so quickly.”

Subsea Company

“…thanks for the support in our project, we look forward to a productive partnership in future projects.”

Pumping Service Company

“Thanks a lot for an exceptional turn around.”

Subsea Rental Company

“Hiretech are a lovely bunch of people and great service.  We would highly recommend if you need any equipment or testing facilities.”

Deep Casing Tools

“Good morning Andy.  Please pass my thanks to your team on getting this mobilized so quickly and of course to you. Your help is greatly appreciated.”

Pipeline Commissioning Company

“Thank you very much for your assistance over the past wee while getting us the position where we believe we have some good grout in each of the test pieces….I believe we ended up with a great solution and all of this was down to your persistence in tracking down the kit and preparing a good setup… you guys are a well-oiled machine of many critical parts…”

Decommissioning Company

“Again, many thanks for your quick response and help last night/today. Really appreciate it. Great service and communication!”

Subsea Company

“Thanks for the fast response on this.”

Fluid Pumping Company

“…In addition to this, James was excellent out on the job and we would definitely use him again in the future. Thanks.”

Filtration Company

“Please see below message of thanks…regarding the swift response from this morning’s HPU mobilisation.  We salute you all!!! Thank you.”

Decommissioning Company